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Voice Changer & Audio Effects
Voice Changer & Audio Effects
Voice Changer & Audio Effects
Voice Changer & Audio Effects
Voice Changer & Audio Effects

Description of Voice Changer & Audio Effects

Voice changer and audio effects app has 25 of free sound effects for everyone. quality sound effects from change voice, you can sing and speak. This free app is talking software. You can modify your voice into different types like: normal, echo, fast echo ,baby, monkey, cranky, deep, drunk, fast, kids, super ant. Create voice modify including megafon, monster, nervous, microphone, snail, cute, slow, underwater and much more. Make your own free ringtones for Android phone. Echo sounds: you can use this function to create single echoes, as well as a number of other effects. Delays will be perceived as discrete echoes, while those falling within the 35-15 ms range can be used to create a simple chorus or flanging effect. These effects will not be as effective as the actual chorus or flanging effects, as the delay settings will be fixed and will not change over time. The fade out and trim option is a combined function which fades out over the selection then marks the end of the selection as the end of the file. This is frequently used at the end of music tracks. Normal speed changes changes the pitch in proportion to the speed. If you want to change the speed but keep the pitch the same use this function. This changes the pitch of the recording without changing the speed. Voice talking changer and recorder all in on. Change your voice and record. Funny ringtone free. Vibrato, echo and noise make unique funny and entertainment sound for all. Apply new recording and you can edit, save or share your new art. Create funny and prank audio sounds. Voice changer and audio effects which can create and save ringtones on an mobile phone without needing a separate computer at all. Also, all sounds in the app can be set as SMS ringtones or alarm and timer sounds. Modify, change and disguise your voice in any application or game that uses a microphone to add another dimension of creativity. From girl to alien, the voice changing options are limitless. Create or enhanced sounds, or sound processes used to emphasize artistic or other content of films, television. Audio voice recorder maker. Soundboard music record speaking.
In few words:
Talking effects and voice changing
Ambient sounds and change speech speed
Instant play of the modified voice
Many voices to choose and funny voice effects
Record sound, save, listen and share
Set as ringtones and funny voice changer
Set your voice as notification
You need to import an audio file to this free voice changer, and then you would be able to change voice pitch as well as the speed of this audio file. Generally you can record your voice with with this free audio app. The best online voice changer tool that can change voice, do voice-over and create natural sounds and new songs with your modifications.

Voice Changer & Audio Effects APK Info

  • com.Abrassi.Audio.Effects
  • 1.9
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Music-video
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