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    3D Dungeon Endless Run


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3D Dungeon Endless Run
3D Dungeon Endless Run
3D Dungeon Endless Run
3D Dungeon Endless Run
3D Dungeon Endless Run

Description of 3D Dungeon Endless Run

3D Dungeon Endless Run

Endless Run 3D Dungeon is a running-based MMO RPG game. Customize your avatar & Raid dungeons to defeat betrayers and wipe out evils.

-Amazing action RPG game in dungeon scenarios;
-Numerous weapons & armors to equip, and various skills to master;
-Orcs King: masters axe techniques before your journey;
-Elf Queen: masters spells, magic power, and ancient arrow shooting skills before your adventure;
-Hundreds of dungeons to explore;
-Try to find out the exit asap;
-Two roles:
Orcs King lost in this mortal world;
Elf Queen with noble blood coming to save the world;
-Daily login rewards available;
-In-app purchase items available;
-Tons of coins and gems to claim;
-Magnet power-up and HP absorbing bring you with super cool gaming experience;
-Customize the avatar in your own style, fight against the darkness and rescue your honey & beloved ones;
-Amazing & mysterious role properties: Giant mode & invincible mode;
-Smooth gameplay;
-Different tunnels filled with cannons, wizard warlocks, evil dinosaurs, and so on. Be careful!

Tips: Never get trapped, caught or arrested, or you'll be put into jail and suffer ultimate torture! If you lose, the prosperity of your kingdom would never come back again! Your people will fall into hell forever!

Bring prosperity back to your kingdom, to be the future leader of the horde!
You cannot wait for death in the betrayer's cage.
Rebuild the glory of the orcs and prosperity of the horde.
Attack, bloodsucking, unbeatable, you will kill all of betrayers,

For the glory of the Horde! Orcs must keep alive! Attack, attack, attack! Beat the goblins. Beat evil wizards and dinosaurs! Raid various terrains, including caves, magmas, dungeons and pubs;


3D Dungeon Endless Run APK Info

  • com.tactic.dungeonendlessrun3d.raidorcs
  • 1.2
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Arcade
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