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    4x4 Truck Racing Game in Dubai


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4x4 Truck Racing Game in Dubai
4x4 Truck Racing Game in Dubai
4x4 Truck Racing Game in Dubai
4x4 Truck Racing Game in Dubai
4x4 Truck Racing Game in Dubai

Description of 4x4 Truck Racing Game in Dubai

4x4 Truck Racing Game: Multiplayer (formerly Dune Bashing in Dubai) is an amazing off road 4x4 driving game where you challenge real time rivals from around the world in realistic desert environments.

Drift through perfect dunes (sand hills). Totally random map… climb up and down all day long without getting stuck in the sand mountains of the UAE, Oman, Pakistan . The gravel based desert of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain is different from sand dunes. This is a lot more like hard gravel surface but with hill based terrain.

Get the off road racing fever as you rocket past rivals to complete various in game missions. Best drivers will be awarded coins which can be used to purchase items such as new 4x4 vehicles, tune up and upgrade your tyres, speed, acceleration, strength etc.

# Types of Trucks

We want this game to be the best 3D off road simulator. Because of this we have packed it with all the favourites from around the world. Due to respective car manufacturers owning their own suv and truck copyrights we have made highly inspired alternatives to The Toyota Land Cruiser, The Mitsubishi Pajero, Hummer, Nissan Patrol, Mercedes G Wagon, Range Rover, Wrangler, GMC Sierra Truck & Ford F150 Raptor SVT Trucks.


# Checkpoint Mode:

All drivers start in one location > Arrow points towards nearest Checkpoint > Speed through each checkpoint to capture it > Another will popup randomly > Racer with most captures Wins.

# Time Attack Mode

Single player only > but a multiplayer version is on its way > One minute on the clock > Race to the checkpoint directed by the big arrow > Every capture adds 10 seconds of time > How long can you survive before the time runs out.

# Coin Mode

Coins are falling randomly from the sky > Gold, Silver and Bronze > Each coin has a different value > You must race around and collect as many as you can. Player with the most coins when the time runs out wins...

# Zombie Mode

One player is randomly selected to be the Zombie > You must chase other cars (the survivors) > Crash into them > now they too have become infected and are Zombies > If all the survivors are infected within the time limit, the Zombies win > if there are any survivors left > the Zombies lose...

# 4x4 Drifting Mode (Coming Soon)

Set in a busy a car parking Lot > Perform drifting stunts > accumulating as must drifting points as possible > without crashing into any of the parked vehicles or other objects. Driver with most drifting points when time finished… wins..

# Drag Racing Mode (Coming Soon)

Each session consists of a start line and a finish line but no Drag strip > Up to 8 rivals line up at once as opposed to conventional drag racing of 1 on 1 racers > Each track is different is length > 5 straight races in each level > player with most drag race wins...crowned overall winner.


4x4 Truck Racing Game in Dubai APK Info

  • com.FreeOnlineGames.DBDubai
  • 5.0.1
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Racing
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