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    Airport Parking (Beta)


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Airport Parking (Beta)
Airport Parking (Beta)
Airport Parking (Beta)
Airport Parking (Beta)
Airport Parking (Beta)

Description of Airport Parking (Beta)

Airport Parking is a free parking game with many challenges set out for you to overcome. Each of these 20 levels have been designed with one thing in mind, which is to make the game user friendly and enjoyable. You will be set out over 20 different tasks to perform in the given time limit. You are the one person that will have to keep the flow of the airport running to it’s maximum potential. Remember that you will not be the only vehicle moving in the airport. There’ll be other workers carrying out similar tasks to you on different airplanes that may have just landed, or planes heading to the runway.

If you crash into anything, you will fail the task and cause the airport ongoings to come to a halt. If you do crash into anything, it’s a good thing this is a game, as you’ll be able to restart the level for a second or third attempt.

Epic Levels

Within the levels you will be given the chance to drive and succeed in driving the various airport vehicles you will be able to see in an everyday airport. Once you set off from your starting point you will have to drive to your destination required in the quickest time possible for maximum output of the airports facilities. Once you’ve reached your destination you will have to park in the designated zones to complete the level.

Some of these tasks will be very challenging as you are working against time and if you’re not in the right place with your stair vehicle or your food truck, the airport will slowly come to a stand still and you will fail your task.

The opportunity for you to take on all the tasks of the airport staff is here. Refuel the planes, drive the passengers to the terminal, restock the plane with food, transport the plane to the runway and transport the luggage from A to B.

Sometimes you’ll get a V.I.P such as the president! You will be tasked to ensure the safety of the president by getting the security car to his private plane as soon as you possibly can.

Vehicles You’ll Get To Drive

• Luggage Cart - To transport the passengers luggage to the correct plane, These are sometimes very difficult to maneuver. Be careful not to drive passed your designated unloading place as reversing these can be very tricky to accomplish.

• Security Vehicle - This will be driven for you to supply security for V.I.Ps and to transport them to the terminal safely.

• Fuel Tank Truck - You’ll have to drive to the refueling station to fill up the tank to then take to the plane that is requesting the refuel.

• Stair Car - Not a great turning vehicle so you will have to plan your approach carefully.
Food Supply Truck - Try not to go under the plane's wings with this vehicle as you will surely crash!

• Pushback Tug - The most complicated vehicle within the game. One wrong turn can cause so many problems when trying to get back on course. In reverse this will perform according to how skilled you are towing a plane.
Transport Bus - Passengers will be wanting to get to their destination within time so you will be required to use this to get passengers from the plane to the terminal safely and in good time.


Airport Parking (Beta) APK Info

  • com.fog.airportparkingnew
  • 1.1.2
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Simulation
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