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    Animal Puzzles For Kids


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Animal Puzzles For Kids
Animal Puzzles For Kids
Animal Puzzles For Kids
Animal Puzzles For Kids
Animal Puzzles For Kids

Description of Animal Puzzles For Kids

Let your kids have a fun and educational moment, and show them the magic of cartoons and animal wildlife. Take them on a colorful adventure, and start creating wonderful puzzles one by one. Happy and funny animals are waiting to be found and all they want is for the kids to play with them.

Because it has such an easy and intuitive interface, you won't have to worry that your children won't be able to solve a puzzle on their own. Just tap on the puzzle that you want to play, and start dragging the pieces on their place one by one until the image is complete. It's very simple, and yet so enjoyable. Your kids will love the game. Colorful and lively graphics, lots of animations that bring life to the puzzles, and lovely happy music are just some of the things they're going to like about Animal Puzzles for Kids.

Introduce your kids to 15 different animals. Show them the cute little KOALA sitting in a tree enjoying some fine-tasting herbs, or the baby elephant, just discovering the small beauties of life. Then you can meet the bored CAMEL that's slightly enjoying the sun. No wonder it's bored. What could it possibly do in the desert? A bit more entertained than that is the baby ZEBRA. Just learning how to walk is so much hard work! Just a bit further is the ferocious CROCODILE. But don't worry. This one is not harmful at all. It is actually kid friendly, and all it wants to do, is act cute and sit in the water to stay hydrated under the hot sun. Somewhere a bit further, there's a curious MONKEY. Trying to find out what's hidden in the tree might be dangerous. Not because it might find a squirrel in the tree (that's silly, squirrels are not dangerous!), but because it might slip from the branch and fall on the ground. The goofy LION can't wait for it to happen, because he's always up for a good laugh, and what's not funny about a fallen silly monkey? The pretty baby GIRAFFE is just learning how to stand on its own. And somewhere else in the wilderness, the cute PANDA is silently enjoying a slow walk in the nature. So does the funny HIPPO. Just sitting on a rock in the middle of the water, is thinking how do you spell hippopotamus. Maybe the baby LEOPARD has the answer, or the nocturnal DOG, who just loves howling in the moonlight, and... swinging? That's surely something that the lazy RACCOON won't do. All it loves is sitting in the grass and enjoying the flowers. Much like the explorer MOOSE, who doesn't do much but sniff flowers and roam around. These animals sure have a fine life... except for the CAT, who scavenges through trash and has panic attacks whenever it sees it's arch-enemy: the MOUSE!
Gosh, there's so much going on in the animal world. So why don't you join the adventure, and meet them all?

Animal Puzzles for Kids features:
- 15 amazing puzzles featuring fun cartoon animals
- Develop the matching, tactile and fine motor skills of your kids
- Great vibrant graphics that come to life on your device
- Simple and intuitive child-friendly interface
- Keeps your kids entertained
- Enjoyable experience by both you and your children
- Happy background music
- Drag & drop animations
- Pop balloons after each puzzle completion
- Easy navigation between puzzles
- Easy movement of puzzle pieces across screen
- Universal app for all Android phones and tablets
We hope you have a great time playing our game. If you have any suggestions or you just want to send us some constructive feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us at


Animal Puzzles For Kids APK Info

  • com.gamerixgames.animalpuzzlesforkids
  • 1.0
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Casual-puzzle
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