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Ashley Tries Free
Ashley Tries Free
Ashley Tries Free
Ashley Tries Free
Ashley Tries Free

Description of Ashley Tries Free

Enjoy as Ashley tries to catch the balls you are throwing, dances when she caught some of them. Thanks to the realistic 3D graphics, you can feel as you were there.
Try to trick this sporty pretty girl, on an amazing beach where the Sun shines all day long. Enjoy the life-like appearance and behavior of Ashley, the exciting game play. Reach high scores on new and new bonus levels, get cool balls, watch Ashley’s sexy dances when you can’t trick her. Learn how much fun beach volleyball can make!

It is so simple to play it: swipe to throw the ball. The butterfly helps you, showing Ashley's weak point. Tricking Ashley gives you scores and let you go to new bonus levels, but Ashley tries to catch the balls.... On new bonus levels you'll get more scores and nice balls. Ashley is happy and dances when she caught enough balls.

A bonus game, Catch the Ball is also included.
Here try not to trick, but help Ashley to catch the balls. When you see a ball flying, touch the place where it is flying to. This way Ashley'll catch it, and will be Happy, dancing lovely again.
Happy playing with Ashley!


Ashley Tries Free APK Info

  • com.gamegirlstudio.ashleytriesfree
  • 1.01
  • Android 2.0.1 or above
  • Sports
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