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Attack On Memory
Attack On Memory
Attack On Memory
Attack On Memory
Attack On Memory

Description of Attack On Memory

[ Game Description]

This game is a parody game based on the " Attack On Titan " popular cartoon .
I would make it too much like advance ☆

Because it is a parody game to the last , and they are not related to the official .
View of the world and characters as well just to be similar , there is a place very different from the official .

[ Game view of the world ]
The human race was on the verge of extinction crisis in the attack of the giant suddenly appeared ......
Player ( you) way prevent the attack of giant using the three soldiers !

[ Combat method]

Combat of this game is Torebatoru brain that stores a number that is displayed for a moment .

Enter to remember in an instant a number that giant issue .
Number entered is correct , it is possible to attack the giant , it will be attacked by giant if it fails .

Mission clear if it is possible to defeat the giant of all , the game is over all the soldiers is brought down in reverse .

[ Mission ]

There is more than one mission in the game , the difficulty is different in each mission .
You can proceed to the next mission if you clear the mission .

[ RPG elements ]

Soldier will level up and growth per combat .
When you level up , stamina , attack power , defense power is increased , so that you can defeat the powerful giant .

[Notes ]

It does not appear correctly resolution and screen size is extremely small , or to large .
There is a possibility that the characters and the like lack the horizontal 480px × 800px length less than , let me be non-compliant . (m_m)

Beta version [ explanation]

This app is Beta version .

Is welcome disadvantage because several are expected , inconvenience and Moraeru to contact in-app from the " Contact Us " .

[ Challenge of Beta version]

Icon , illustrations , such as the ending is not ready .
· There is not a special ability only a specific character .
· There is a bias in the game balance adjustment in .
• Depending on the development of the future , you may initialize the data .

[ Next Development ]

· ( Medal enters the hand and defeat the boss ) Medal system
- I want to put out such as Lieutenant .
· I do draw you a picture ... want to increase the illustrations ...
→ I am looking for an artist 's within the app .

[ Search tags ]
Giant , advance Pharaoh , aluminate , Ellen , Mikasa of advance


Attack On Memory APK Info

  • net.comitore.singeki0830
  • 6.23
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Casual-puzzle
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