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    B:612 Selfie Effects


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B:612 Selfie Effects
B:612 Selfie Effects
B:612 Selfie Effects

Description of B:612 Selfie Effects

Use the app B:612 Selfie Effects, to get impressive image editor. 

There are important reasons why, a photograph into things that are important. First, the picture is a medium to convey a message to the community, if the picture is to disseminate. And, the memories of the past to convey information, if the picture is a photograph of your personal collection. Therefore, do not be late, capture, every journey of your life, at the current moment memorable. Because, someday, you will recall past things you've been through. 

Moment that you snap, you can save it in the media such as digital media, book gallery, and you too, anytime, can print. Whether through the photo paper or canvas. 

Remember, use this app to get art on your photo edits. Usage is very easy, and fast. Just tap and slide. You also can instantly share, to social media, to a friend. 

Thank you, and happy to use this application. 


B:612 Selfie Effects APK Info

  • com.nourherm.selfiee.effectss
  • 1.0
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Photography
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