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Battery Life
Battery Life

Description of Battery Life

Ever wondered how long your battery has left? Wonder no more!

This app learns your battery use, and tells you how long it will last. It also knows how long it will take to charge to full.

It has a notification icon that tells you as well as changing graphically showing you the battery level. Drag down the notification bar and you can see how long the battery will last at current use levels.

Click on the notification (or launch from the Launcher) and you will get a screen that details how long your battery lasts in different situations - your current usage, average, high and low usages. All these averages are learned over time, to make them as accurate as possible for how YOU use YOUR phone.

Never be stuck with a dead phone again!

This app learns your data over time. If it says 'Not Enough Data' when first run, just wait. In just a short time it will have an accurate estimate of your battery life.

if you have any questions, suggestions, complaints etc, please email me!


Battery Life APK Info

  • com.yedidyak.battery
  • 2.03
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Productivity
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