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Bluetooth RC
Bluetooth RC
Bluetooth RC
Bluetooth RC
Bluetooth RC

Description of Bluetooth RC

BluetoothRC is all-in-one remote control intended for other equipment made ​​by Microcontroller such as Arduino or similar equipment via bluetooth.

The main features are:
1. Joypad, such as the display of PS3 joypad, so that remote via bluetooth on RC car so more comfortable.
2. Orientation sensor, utilize sensor from your android to move other equipment without having to touch the screen.
3. Compass, with compass you can move to the left, right or twisting of the android and it will send a numeric value to your equipment.
4. Terminal, you can send other commands via the keyboard and at the same time getting a response from the device.
5. Switch Button, available 8+2 button to switch ON and OFF at a certain appliances, either individually or all can be controlled with a single button, the status of the last condition is always stored and also provided backup commands.
6. Numeric keypad with numbers 0-9 plus 8 output custom code that you can define yourself.
7. Custom Key, more flexible to change and define their own output value.
8. Easter egg: Push Long Button.
9. RC Car.


Review and provide that build suggestions to make it better.

Greetings from East Java.


Bluetooth RC APK Info

  • appinventor.ai_test.BluetoothRC
  • 3.0
  • Android 1.5 or above
  • Tool
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