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Brake Fail
Brake Fail
Brake Fail
Brake Fail
Brake Fail

Description of Brake Fail

There is nothing to do when you’re stuck on an island away from the world. Life gets way to monotonous and boring in a place surrounded by water on all four sides. So, why not try your hand out at racing. That might get you the adrenaline rush in times, when you need a break even from downtime. But there is a twist here, as the name, Brake Fail suggests, the brakes of the car you are driving have failed and all that you can do it save your life now is to keep on driving.

Manoeuvre with the help of buttons on the right and left of your screen and try to cover as much distance as you can. With the brakes no longer working and the speed increasing consistently, the task at hand is a tough one. Keep going for as long as you can and make sure you don’t bump into the pavement alongside. One hit and you’re gone. All the best!

Attractive colors
Simple gameplay
Action that never stops

***HOW TO PLAY?***
Use the button on the left and right to control the car.
Avoid bumping at all costs


Brake Fail APK Info

  • com.supermonkeyfun.brake_fail
  • 1.0
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Racing
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