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    Cannabis Weather Clock Widget


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Cannabis Weather Clock Widget
Cannabis Weather Clock Widget
Cannabis Weather Clock Widget
Cannabis Weather Clock Widget
Cannabis Weather Clock Widget

Description of Cannabis Weather Clock Widget

Hello, fans of weed! Welcome beautiful cannabis leaves to your phone! We have created this awesome “weather and clock widget” with marijuana design for all of you who like a little pot from time to time. Cannabis plant has beautiful leaves, so we used them to decorate this digital clock widget for your phone. Download ♧ Cannabis Weather Clock Widget ♧ and start your journey to Jamaica! Rasta love for all of you!

♧ Cannabis Weather Clock Widget ♧ features:
10 digital clocks, 5 unlocked and 5 locked.
Every day new digital clock is available.
Put wonderful clock widget on your home screen.
Top widget clocks of different sizes and shapes.
World weather and local weather widget.
Auto-detection of your current location.
Find out about the temperature, humidity, pressure, cloudiness, and wind speed.
Sunrise and sunset times.
Easy to use for adults and children.

♧ Cannabis Weather Clock Widget ♧ offers you ten “digital clock widgets” with weed theme. If you're bored with your standard clock and you want to add some novelty to your phone, you're at the right place. We have created this amazing marijuana “digital clock” with the addition of “weather forecast”. This amazing weed widget offers you accurate time and date and weather conditions – wherever you are. With only a few clicks of your fingers you can easily find out how the weather is in Jamaica, New York, Paris, London, and almost any other place in the world. Let “marijuana leaves” take you on a crazy ride and also inform you about the latest weather conditions. Download this excellent weather app and enjoy using it all the time.

♧♧♧ Free widget for weather forecast! ♧♧♧

Boost your phone screen and your mood with ♧ Cannabis Weather Clock Widget ♧. This super cool “clock widget” will get you stoned in a minute. The Rasta colors will lift your spirits and put you in a lovely mood every time you look at your phone screen. Experience the thrill of ganja and the Rastafari movement with this incredible world weather forecast and time widget which will bring “weed leaves” and happy colors to your phone. This clock and weather widget will perfectly suit your weed live wallpaper and all the other background pictures. Download it now and spice up your phone screen in a Rasta way.

♧ Cannabis Weather Clock Widget ♧ includes both an excellent digital clock and a weather forecast widget. It offers you a chance to choose your location and metric units which are used in your country. With this weed-themed widget clock you will never have to worry about the weather again. If you want to know whether to bring your sunglasses or your umbrella before leaving the house, all you have to do is look at your phone screen and get all the info you need. Weed weather app displays accurate weather temperature, humidity, pressure, cloudiness, wind speed, sunset and sunrise times.

♧♧♧ Clock widget free ♧♧♧

Get high on bright colors and weed leaf symbolism with this accurate time and date widget. What is best about it is that it is perfectly legal and that it will make you as happy as smoking weed does. It will keep you up-to-date with outside weather conditions and it will also inform you about time and date. This hourly weather widget automatically tracks your current location via GPS or your Internet connection and you can also change it manually. This weather time widget will easily blend with all the other apps and marijuana leaves will beautify your phone screen in a lovely manner. Download it now and chill out with this weed weather forecast app.

♧ Cannabis Weather Clock Widget ♧ - for users of all generations! This digital clock widget with accurate weather forecast is created in such a way that even kids can use it. All you need to do is choose your current location (city/country), temperature (C/F), and your favorite weather widget pattern. Both the time and the weather conditions are 100% accurate.


Cannabis Weather Clock Widget APK Info

  • com.CannabisWeatherClockWidget
  • 1.3.2
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Lifestyle
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