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Cannon Simulation
Cannon Simulation
Cannon Simulation
Cannon Simulation
Cannon Simulation

Description of Cannon Simulation

Fun physics system with explosions.

Uprade your cannon - Get upgrades, health packs, mortar support and a telescope to help you in battle

Bite sized exciting historical arcade gameplay

Play as either Union or Confederate

Rebel Yell
The south has seceded from the Union, and The War Between the States is raging. You're in charge of a high-tech (for the 1860s, that is) fast-loading cannon. Your job is to take out the enemy as they charge Pickett-style over the hills.

The action is spread over five locations: The Mine, Cross Keys, the Harbor, and Fort Sumter. You'll be aiming your cannon at soldiers, other cannons, cavalry*, and boats. With the chaos you'll cause, you just might save the day.

cannon Defense: american civil War is an unusual tower defense game that features a front-view, 3D perspective. Roll your cannon from left to right, forward and back as you aim and mow down the enemy. cannon Defense: american civil War uses ragdoll physics and has plenty of explosions. Choose to play as the Union or the Confederacy.

Keep your aim steady and see if the south Shall Rise Again or if the Union Shall Be Preserved.


Cannon Simulation APK Info

  • com.CannonSimulation
  • 2.0
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Arcade
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