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    Deadly Target:Zombie Attack


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Deadly Target:Zombie Attack
Deadly Target:Zombie Attack
Deadly Target:Zombie Attack
Deadly Target:Zombie Attack
Deadly Target:Zombie Attack

Description of Deadly Target:Zombie Attack

The year’s first outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever virus Ebola started in the West African nation and then spread into other part of the world. People affected with this virus are no more human and this wide spread virus turning every single individual into Zombies. The zombies were reported to have over taken a small town of New York and every single resident of that town has been infected. The country’s doom is getting closer if Ebola infected people get out to hunt more human.
The town has been surrounded by the military and set of special force commando were sent in to eliminate and clear the town. Unluckily no one could survive but only one. This frontline commando is ready to open the counter strike operation equipped with special training and weapon. This lone army shooter knows that there is no turning back and he is entering in to war zone of hell.
The never ending waves of horrible infected creature won’t let you settle down. They have no fear and walking towards you to make you one of them. So don’t get panic at any point and keep your finger on the trigger. Shoot and kill is the only way to survive. Modern sniper rifle and many other latest guns is the only help you have. Be prepared for enemies’ assault using, Ak47, Shotgun, Sniper rifle to protect yourself.
A complete action free action game, which allows you to earn while playing to keep your self-upgraded with amazing free weapons to enjoy till the end of the game being a zombie hunter.

***Top Game Features***
-3D graphics with realistic lighting to present the infection of zombie
-Real life version of sound effects
-Variety of latest weapons
-Earn and upgrade for free
-Exciting unlimited missions to test your shooting skills


Deadly Target:Zombie Attack APK Info

  • com.sunstar.deadly.target.zombie.attack3d
  • 1.6
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Action
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    Tamu3good game nya
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