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    DK - Antivirus Boost & Cleaner


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DK - Antivirus Boost & Cleaner
DK - Antivirus Boost & Cleaner
DK - Antivirus Boost & Cleaner
DK - Antivirus Boost & Cleaner
DK - Antivirus Boost & Cleaner

Description of DK - Antivirus Boost & Cleaner

Make your device faster, speed up your apps, prevent viruses, and protect your data. All of this with one app! Welcome to DroidKeeper!

DroidKeeper is an anti virus app that also removes malware, lets you clean memory, and boost the speed of your phone. It provides a speed boost by giving you optimal performance through many powerful features - all in one application! With boosted speed and antivirus protection in the same app, DroidKeeper lets you ditch all the other applications that may be slowing down your phone.

One Application with Many Speed-Boosting Features

DroidKeeper is the best speed-boosting app in the Google Play store because it answers the question: “How do I speed up my phone?” It gives you multiple speed-boosting features and functions in one application, including an antivirus application that makes it possible for you to remove malware that would bog down your phone’s performance.

It’s a memory cleaner, speed boost app, and anti virus application all in one! DroidKeeper does in one single free app what it would take 3 or more applications to do otherwise! It performs many functions to give you increased speed, clean memory, and optimal performance.

Improved Performance Along with a Speed Boost

When you use DroidKeeper, you don’t have to worry about your phone freezing when you play games or crashing when you’re listening to music. DroidKeeper takes away the headaches associated with these common Android problems. It gives you improved performance, a speed boost, and a better overall experience.

DroidKeeper cleans up cache files, optimizes memory, scans for virus, and uninstalls useless apps that may be slowing down your phone.


DroidKeeper offers the following free features:

● Free antivirus app
● A speed boost due to multi-functional performance features
● Free way to remove malware
● Uninstall useless applications to boost speed
● Increase speed when playing games or listening to music
● Instant clean memory and an ongoing memory cleaner
● Saves battery life with pre-configured and customizable energy-saving modes
● Detects apps that are draining your battery
● A free answer to “How do I speed up my phone?”

Install Once and Get Better Performance Continuously

Download DroidKeeper and install it once, and then get the continuous benefits of a smooth-running Android phone. DroidKeeper lets you save space on your phone right away, because you can uninstall other apps that might offer the same thing but take up too much of your phone’s memory. With DroidKeeper, you get one free app that lets you instantly clean up your cache, get anti virus protection, and remove any files or applications that are dragging down your phone.

You get an ongoing speed boost with continual clean up and operating system optimization, and every day you’ll notice the difference in your phone’s performance.

Download DroidKeeper for a free—the all-in-one antivirus, memory cleaner, and speed boost app for Android that also removes malware and keeps your phone safe!

Get DroidKeeper for free today!


DK - Antivirus Boost & Cleaner APK Info

  • com.highlyrecommendedapps.droidkeeper
  • 1.0.3231
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Tool
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