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    DK Cleaner & Booster


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DK Cleaner & Booster
DK Cleaner & Booster
DK Cleaner & Booster
DK Cleaner & Booster
DK Cleaner & Booster

Description of DK Cleaner & Booster

DK Cleaner And Booster will do its best to keep your device clean and optimized!
If your device became slow, laggy or it running out of storage space, this is the solution.

Cache cleaning and memory optimization are fully compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Keep you RAM clean!
Memory Cleaner will boost phone performance by releasing all redundant background apps which are using large amount of RAM.
This will make important and often used apps run smoother than ever before. Effect will be most noticeable in games which require lots of resources.

No junk, more storage!
Almost every application leave some residual data in cache. Sometimes, some of those cache files takes up a lot of space on your internal, or external memory.
With Cache Cleaner function you can simply delete this unwanted data and get more space for your data.

Get even more space!
Just select the App Manager and you can easily browse currently installed apps and select those, which you want to get removed from your phone.
And don't worry, apps which are essential for system cannot be removed.

Monitor your device!
In addition, DK Cleaner & Booster is giving you an option to monitor information about hardware in your device.
You can select three types of values that are shown on the main screen, including:
- Memory (RAM) usage
- External storage usage (internal where available)
- CPU temperature (if available)
- CPU usage
- Battery charge level, temperature and voltage

Embrace the color!
You don't like the default blue color? It's no problem! Just open the navigation drawer and choose the color you love most.

No background activity
There is no background task running while this app is installed. We don't want to waste your battery or to slow down your phone. Just open our app when your phone
starts performing badly or you are running out of storage space. Also, we don't send any push notifications.

This app is absolutely free and very easy to use for everybody!

If you have any ideas, bug reports or any other comments, please, do contact us via facebook or email.
We really appreciate your feedback and we will do our best to keep improving our apps!


DK Cleaner & Booster APK Info

  • dkapps.clean.boost
  • 1.6
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Tool
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