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    Dragon legend


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Dragon legend
Dragon legend
Dragon legend
Dragon legend
Dragon legend

Description of Dragon legend

《Dragon legend》 is the first integration in history of real-time combat QTE action cards hand travel policy, but also a best evoke belong to the 70s and 80s of the childhood memories. It’s the most highly reductive story! Whether it is a familiar Budokai, or the familiar Felisaz, Shahrukh, Buu and other powerful BOSS, beautiful earth are waiting for you to guard! Cutest card style! Cute little Goku, Funny little Oolong! Both men and women will immediately fall in love with them! The most innovative card games are played! The most diverse card! Exclusive special rune system, the growth direction of the card would decide by you! Come together to defend the Earth it!

[Reductive of Classic Drama]

[Delicate card style]

[Most IN Card game played]

[System of multiple card type]

[You can choose over many combinations]

[Special effects of Fight gorgeous eye-catching]

[A number of benefits for you]


Dragon legend APK Info

  • com.game.legend2015
  • 1.13.517
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Cards-casino
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