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    Duplex - Happy vs Angry


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Duplex - Happy vs Angry
Duplex - Happy vs Angry
Duplex - Happy vs Angry
Duplex - Happy vs Angry
Duplex - Happy vs Angry

Description of Duplex - Happy vs Angry

Two characters. Mr. Happy Man & Mr. Angry Man.
Mr. Angry Man wants to destroy Mr. Happy Man.
You are the Mr. Happy Man.

Don't let Mr. Angry kill Mr. Happy.

Mr. Angry is wicked & clever, he switches his orientation every now & then. You have to be fast enough to elude him. Sometimes Mr. Angry attacks from multiple platforms, you have to be constantly alert, lose your concentration for half a second and Mr. Happy dies.

You can enjoy the game in different modes.
2 Bricks, 3 Bricks, 4 Bricks, 2 Bricks Mirror, 4 Bricks Mirror.

Features -
1. Beautiful artwork.
2. Themes change after every few attempts.
3. Upbeat music.
4. Easy to play.
5. Minimalist
6. Engaging gameplay.

Benefits of this game -
1. Duplex tests your hand eye coordination. The game makes you act based on your peripheral vision.
2. Duplex improves your concentration level. You really have to focus if you want to score higher.

Fun facts -
1. The game (first version) was developed within 34 hours non-stop during the hackathon organized at Zabuza Labs.
Read more about our hackathon - http://zabuzalabs.com/new-milestone-game-developed-launched-in-34-hours-during-hackathon/
2. Due to hand eye coordination required in the game, the game got picked up very quickly in the speed cubing communities. (Speed cubers are those who solve Rubik's cube really fast)

We keep working on cool stuff. Stay tuned.

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Duplex - Happy vs Angry APK Info

  • com.zabuzalabs.duplex
  • 2.0
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Lifestyle
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