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Easy Memory Cleaner
Easy Memory Cleaner
Easy Memory Cleaner

Description of Easy Memory Cleaner

This is a fake app for fun. Hope you will like it!

Because we may save lots of files on our phone, lots of

smart mobile phone users will encounter the problem of inadequate storage.

Therefore, now we offer you this app- Easy Memory Cleaner.


With it in hand, you can fake clean the memory on your phone with one click directly.

In this way, you can improve(fake) the speed of your device and keep(fake) it in good running sate.


1. Open this app, and you will see the phone memory(fake) state directly on the screen, including the recyclable memory(fake) and cleanable process(fake) and points(fake).

2. If the score is low(fake) and the state is poor(fake), you can touch Clean to clean(fake) the memory directly;

In this way, you can clean(fake) the waste memory space successfully, increase(fake) the running speed of your phone and keep(fake) your phone in a good state.


This is a fake memory cleaner. That is to say, it cannot help you clean the waste memory, but it can really draw your attention to this problem.

Next time, you can just try to clean the waste memory manually if you find that your phone runs slowly or storage space is insufficient.

In a word, we hope that this can help you in some way.

In fact, this is just a fake app for fun.

You can just use it to track some poor guys for fun.

Hope you will like it and share it with more people!

Thanks for your supports!


1. This ads-supported app will show you some notification ads or icon ads while you are using it.

2. This is a fake app for fun.


Taking photos and videos and loading lots of apps onto your phone or tablet can slow down the performance of your device. To help you manage your media and keep your Android device give its best performance, so we strongly advise you to install a real memory cleaner that specialize in cleaning the memory from your device. Just use it to free up space on your device and clean some waste timely so that they will work better.


Easy Memory Cleaner APK Info

  • com.Easy_Memory_Cleaner_107232
  • 11001
  • Android 1.6 or above
  • Lifestyle
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