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    File Manager (No Ads!)


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File Manager (No Ads!)
File Manager (No Ads!)
File Manager (No Ads!)
File Manager (No Ads!)
File Manager (No Ads!)

Description of File Manager (No Ads!)

A functional file manager/browser that is 100% free and has no advertisements. I guarantee that it will never have ads, and that I will never release a "Pro" version of this app. All new features will come straight here for as long as I'm able to develop them.

Anyone can use this app, and suggestions for improvement are very welcome.

Currently this app features:
- File/folder creation, deletion, renaming, copy/pasting
- Multi-select deletion, copy/pasting
- Full file-structure navigation
- File opening with your other apps
- A small memory footprint, perfect for older phones
- Show/Hide hidden files, custom home location, sort by name/size/type/date, ...

As well as:
- Android 2.2 to 4.2.2 support
- Multi-resolution support
- Clear colour-coded icons for over 30 file-types
- Simple user interface

This app does NOT feature:
- Annoying extensions to clutter your app-space
- In-app purchases or other monetisation
- Ads!

Languages Supported
- English
- Español

I would like to make this app more fully-featured, and would appreciate any suggestions about features you might like. Preferably this app should stay with only one required permission, but I will consider expanding this if the cause is good enough! I'm also open to providing more non-English language support, and any assistance with translations would be appreciated.

This is my first Android app, and although I have tested on a few devices (Nexus One, Galaxy Nexus, ...) there may be some more exotic devices/situations which need a little extra attention. So please let me know if you encounter any bugs/crashes, in as much detail as you can provide, and I'll happily get on to fixing them.


File Manager (No Ads!) APK Info

  • net.wrowley.filemanager
  • 0.5.2
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Tool
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