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Flying Ninja
Flying Ninja
Flying Ninja
Flying Ninja
Flying Ninja

Description of Flying Ninja

Flying Ninja. A very fun and addictive game. It is a simple one-button game in which you have to navigate our Ninja Naruto past the Orochimaru snakes. You do this by taping your screen repeatedly. Each time you tap, the Ninja Naruto flies up. Don't make it fly too high or it will die. This means you have to tap at the right moments to make the ninja naruto go as far as you can! . Enjoy!

Flying Ninja APK Info

  • net.kasuari.game.ninjaflying
  • 1.02
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Adventure
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  • Aku sangat mencintai keluarga naruto sepertu:minato,kusina,naruto,hinata,boruto,dan hinawari anak dari naruto dengan hinata

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