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    Fruit Roulette Slots


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Fruit Roulette Slots
Fruit Roulette Slots

Description of Fruit Roulette Slots

Fruit Slots is the most popular casino games in 80's of Taiwan, the game rule is different from other slots games.
There are total 10 bet symbol items in the game. Each of them has different bonus multiple. When you bet, click the bottom “start,” the LED light will start to run and stops at the random position, in the same time you can get the winner payout by you'd bet.
Moreover, you can also get the fighting cards by upgrade the game level. It will increase your winner payout after your collections up to the specific amount.
Want to know what Taiwanese crazy about in 80's? Just try “Fruit Slots,” then you will get it!

Fruit Roulette Slots APK Info

  • lhj.baolei.in
  • 1.8
  • Android 1.6 or above
  • Cards-casino
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