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    G4A: Indian Rummy


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G4A: Indian Rummy
G4A: Indian Rummy
G4A: Indian Rummy
G4A: Indian Rummy
G4A: Indian Rummy

Description of G4A: Indian Rummy

** If you doubt our scoring, read these rules. You need a first and second life before scoring begins! **

Easy to understand, challenging to play! Originating from India this game of Rummy is conquering the world! So watch out! It gets you before you know it and you will have a hard time cutting yourself loose.

The objective is easy: get rid of your penalty points as soon as possible. You can do
this by collecting runs (at least three consecutive cards of the same suit) or sets
(three or four of the same cards from different suits). But you need at least two runs
before the scoring starts. And one of this runs has to be without a joker!

Each turn you take a card and discard one. Are you the first that has a hand full of
runs and sets? The game is yours! The faster you achieve this, the bigger the chance
you leave your competition far behind. And that will boost your statistics!

- A highly addictive card game;
- Get rid of your penalty points as soon as possible;
- Improve your play;
- Boost your statistics!


G4A: Indian Rummy APK Info

  • org.games4all.android.games.indianrummy.prod
  • 2.9.5
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Cards-casino
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