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GTA:Liberty City Stories
GTA:Liberty City Stories
GTA:Liberty City Stories
GTA:Liberty City Stories

Description of GTA:Liberty City Stories

Take 2's studio Rockstar Leeds Rockstar studio with two other third-party development platform for SONY Play Station Portable game "Grand Theft Auto Liberty City" (Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories); This is currently scheduled by the end of October 2005 in North America Listed.

"Grand Theft Auto Liberty City" its game background story is set on the PC, PS2, Xbox platform has launched the "Grand Theft Auto 3 (Grand Theft Auto 3)" The same free market (Liberty City) years; and PSP version "Grand Theft Auto Liberty City," the time is set in the "Grand Theft Auto 3" three years ago, that is in 1998; players will play "Grand Theft Auto 3" East gangster in "Grand Theft Auto Liberty City" Kronig · Plymouth Jani (Tony Cipriani).

"Grand Theft Auto Liberty City" in addition to inherited the family for its high degree of freedom, and with many vehicles, weapons for players to use a number of characteristics; more support for the long-rumored wireless multiplayer mode, making this handheld Type "Grand Theft Auto" game works to highlight its good use PSP Wi-Fi function; reach people while gallop freely in the city, the battle fighting game fun. Rockstar Games on the launch of the "Grand Theft Auto Liberty City," the game's official website; players can enjoy the new "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City" multiplayer mode Demonstration Videos (TRAILER 3 'MULTIPLAYER'); in addition the official line is also a wide range of "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City" multiplayer mode instructions outlined below: 

A, "Liberty City Survivor" mode:

Players must reach the necessary number of kills limit, or to reach the most kills within a limited period of time, once the first one to reach the two, it can be a winner; and the "Liberty City Survivor" mode also allows multiple players the composition of the gang with another group to fight gangs; also a priority to reach a time limit or restrict the number of enemy kills up to win by one.

Two, "Protection Racket" mode:

Like the popular "CS" shooting game, players are grouped into attack and keep the two sides, the two sides gang troops in two rounds, respectively, as the first offensive and defensive roles; attacking side will do anything to destroy the defender bases in the limited time the four luxury gift car, while the defending side is to be desperate to prevent this four courtesy car was to destroy the attacking side.

Three, "Get Stretch" mode:

Both men will have to find ways to open the other side of the car to steal back to their bases inside, and have to protect their own gang to the other car was not stolen; in case of gang really is the other side of the vehicle was stolen, then the player can choose is going to snatch it back to base and open, or will it be destroyed, do not let it steal rival gangs will start to use; in addition, over a period of time as the other gang stolen vehicle, other negligent custody of next, then the vehicle will automatically return to the gang gang car belongs inside the former base; the player must have both sides of the vehicle at the base constitutes a successful capture, the first to reach the level specified in either party to reach a score within the time limit Most repeatedly to win the party can become a winner.


Four, "The His List" mode:

This mode will elect a random number of players by other players as hunting targets being hunted goals to find ways to survive being hunted; and killers is to find ways to get rid of with the fastest speed being hunted target, the target being hunted once removed, the system Qiangzai selected a random number of targets to be hunted;

When a player successfully kill the target will get extra points at the end of the lifetime of the game, when all players are finished hunting, eventually whichever the longest survival time by the winner; hunting period goals to take the vehicle will be It can be destroyed. 

Five, "Street Rage" mode:

Players must drive the vehicle through the checkpoint and grab the first to reach the terminal, on the way to allow players to replace other vehicles to take, or to obstruct their opponents to shoot forward; such a period of time where players are not inside the vehicle, or were other competing opponents shot, you will automatically be reborn (Re-spawned) located inside the vehicle on the track and continue the game; the first to reach the end and finish line as the winner of the players; the game the way the props will eat Sticky Tires It allows the players to get better vehicle handling within a time limit; eat Instant Repair can allow players to repair the vehicle immediately. ) 

Six, "The Wedding List" mode:

All players will be scattered in the freedom of the city to collect the vehicle carrier, and open to the packing of cargo location; only when the players sit in the car to be collected from the vehicle, in order to know where to be bound for packing message, this mode will depend on the player to open the vehicle condition to determine the amount of reward at the packing; once when all vehicles are collected and delivered to the packing is complete, players have the most cash is the winner. "Grand Theft Auto Liberty City" can be regarded as by far the most valuable one of the PSP platform game, I believe that with this for the launch, PSP will further enhance penetration!


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  • 1.0
  • Android or above
  • Role-playing
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