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Gundam Fighting
Gundam Fighting
Gundam Fighting
Gundam Fighting
Gundam Fighting

Description of Gundam Fighting

Come and join the fight! Up to the war, be triggered at any moment! Now let us light the steel of the body into the war! Super classic body and large coffee pilots joining battle, dazzle cool the skill effects and passionate battle scenes, take you to pack to force fly with you! The experience of the most stimulating mech war era.

     The classic story plot, let the game player to enjoy the authentic up to the world! Develop their own hero, enhance the various equipment, improve the fighting force, creating a set of their own the most powerful weapon! Brilliant special effects dream interpretation emphasizes the batter, batter refreshing sense of combat fun. The effects of stunning new skills get, allow you to experience not only is a huge change in the damage. Cool fighting effects give you bring absolute smooth cool gaming experience, fresh and flexible operation, no locking technique PK, let you battle hearty strength and unpredictable change, more rich gameplay to help you grappling with the world, dominate the Quartet.

     In the face of the world must be technically competent to do! Arcade fighting up, is absolutely your travel company, pit decompression must yield. Super robot, your friends, and battle it out immediately!


Gundam Fighting APK Info

  • bd.p.m.GundamcnWar
  • 1.0
  • Android or above
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