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    Helicopter Battle Combat


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Helicopter Battle Combat
Helicopter Battle Combat
Helicopter Battle Combat
Helicopter Battle Combat
Helicopter Battle Combat

Description of Helicopter Battle Combat

Excellent FPS simulator new game, which gives your Shooting Score at the end of every attempt so that you may judge your skills.

The story is that enemy has set a base camp near the border line of country land and planning for a war against Royal Forces. The enemies have also made a depot at borderline and collected a large quantity of modern weapons like machine guns, bombs, missiles, laser guns etc. The enemies aim to build new empire after attacking and capturing all the country land.

Apache Gunship Helicopter is out station on the occasion. So, Commander General has decided to send an expert commando on a super chopper helicopter. It is a hell difficult task to shoot precisely when both shooter and the target are moving. So being the best skilled commando, you are selected for the mission. You have been given a precise AK47 rifle and a world’s most powerful and fast helicopter with stealth features. The pilot is also an expert and will never let you down in this stunning action.

Your strategy is to protect & safeguard the homeland and keep the enemies away from their mission. So, jump into the heat of battle, search the deadly shooters and kill them before they shoot you………….

So, feel like a brave Spetsnaz Commando, target the army soldiers and kill them all to death. Being an attentive commando be-aware of the enemy counter attack.

Go & win the fight, wish you good luck.


- Absolutely free game, even no in-app purchases.
- FPS simulator game with amazing 3D graphics and advance physics.
- Realistic environment with rooftop view of the base and buildings from helicopter.
- AK47 Rifle real shooting with unlimited bullets.
- Live shooting score telling your and the best score and helping you to assess your shooting skills.
- Sensational sound effects.
- Free to play, easy to play.

♥♥♥ How to Play ♥♥♥

Just fly sky high in air above the base and target the enemy soldiers at different locations and hit the fire button.


Helicopter Battle Combat APK Info

  • com.cabinet.helicopter.air.combat.strike
  • 1.2
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Action
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