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    Into The Zombies


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Into The Zombies
Into The Zombies
Into The Zombies
Into The Zombies
Into The Zombies

Description of Into The Zombies

Break into the zombies, and save survivors!

James Feword is the agent of the government ReSTART informal affiliation.
And chosen to pistol shooting best personnel in the institution, his reticent personality of 26-year-old is through a master of pistol shooting.

James One day, I woke up in the office, noticed people of institutions other than the local to have changed into a zombie.

James realizes that the gas experiments in progress to secretly ReSTART is causing the error, to change the zombies human spread to the entire institution.
At a reduced immunity of healthy individuals through the respiratory tract of the human body, the gas spread to institutions within the monster changed to the human immune-ran out.

Please note immunity so is reduced rapidly on contact with people who had changed into a zombie!

You need to rescue to find the survivors are hiding in the safety zone around the organization Become a James Feword player.
Please save the survivors jumped between guys that have changed into a zombie!


Tag :
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Into The Zombies APK Info

  • com.rhaonplus.survivealone
  • 1.0.4
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Arcade
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