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Iron Dust
Iron Dust
Iron Dust
Iron Dust
Iron Dust

Description of Iron Dust

Is it the last supper or the twilight of dawn? Is it doomsday on Earth or the rebirth of mankind? The flames of war surged from Earth to an alien planet; the only thing that remains unchanged is the will to survive!

——Apocalypse, Shockwave——
Year 2414, Earth’s resources are near exhaustion. In order to survive, people are forced to migrate from their mother planet towards space, however, on this alien planet—middle of nowhere, would it be peaceful like the past or would the flames of battle be restored yet again? You are the only one with the final answer.
——Privileges, Godlike——
Time limited? Level Limited? Are not important!
Iron Dust added an abundant of special privileges and benefits for players to enjoy the pleasantness of battle, all in a smooth experience. If you become a VIP, there’ll be all kinds of time-reductions, enhanced features, and privileges waiting for you!
——Free build, Gifts——
The special privileges are nice, but I’m just a normal player, so I get nothing? NO! For every honored player of the Iron Dust, we’ve provided a number of free time-reductions. Want Mecha? Want Upgrades? All yours in just one click!
——Cool Mecha, Invincible——
Next-Generation Mecha Style, 3D Models created by the top Art Group in China, with 2D rendering to bring you the most active, most dazzling Mecha of the best texture, every action, every attack will bring the utmost pleasure to your eyes!
——Blood-bath, Fearless——
Laser, missile, cannon, ion guns, and all kinds of gorgeous attack ways illuminate the battlefield. You can enjoy your Flare Mecha shooting a laser through the frontal defense, as well as experience the pleasure of Thor’s rain of missiles annihilating everything in sight. What are you still waiting for, rise men!

SLG Next-Generation mobile game “Iron Dust” incorporated the essence of numerous successful domestic and overseas games and various original systems and features. Top Art Group forged over hundreds of different high-tech Mecha. Players can enjoy training their exclusive troop within the game, and battle against players for territories, at the same time, plentiful events will be available daily, letting you see and feel a magnificent feast!


Iron Dust APK Info

  • com.lstssg.mechawar
  • 1.7
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Strategy
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