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    Jail break - Escape


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Jail break - Escape
Jail break - Escape
Jail break - Escape
Jail break - Escape
Jail break - Escape

Description of Jail break - Escape

2014 latest classic jailbreak finally came, adaptation IOS8 system.
Jack imprisonment of innocent goodness. ...
Use your keen powers of observation and wisdom to help him escape from prison, right!
This is a very simple and addictive game that gives each player put it down!

========== Background story =========

Jack is an innocent man in prison ... he unfortunately.
Inside the heavily guarded prison, there is no escape tool, there is a very aggressive guard, Jack developed a clever plan 14 days, 14 days in which he wants to draw a map, making a hammer, drill, drill also drilled prison thick walls. ...
Let us help Jack escape it, play with your unlimited stamina and powers of observation, completing the project within the stipulated period of time, but we must be careful, always has a guard patrol, you have to move quickly and decisively, was found to be no longer unable to escape from prison! ! !

========== Game features =========

- The game is simple fun, addictive!
- Rely on their flexible handling, and extraordinary powers of observation to escape!
- Interesting and exciting levels!
- Great HD picture!


Jail break - Escape APK Info

  • com.PlusnewGame.Jailbreak
  • 1.0.1
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Lifestyle
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