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Jelly Merge
Jelly Merge
Jelly Merge
Jelly Merge
Jelly Merge

Description of Jelly Merge

In Jelly Merge it's all about how fast your mind can find the best path.

In Jelly Merge you're going to make paths or start flows in between different colored dots.
If you want to get a higher score, then you want to make as least mistakes and moves as you can.
So you have to put your mind to work, to get that three star rating.

Jelly Merge is a grid based puzzle 2D game, the puzzle is in a grid system, so it's easier to connect dots to each other.
By completing levels in Jelly Merge, you unlock new levels, and of course the levels get more difficult.

Jelly Merge is completely free and includes 600 levels, all free !

You can't overlap paths, because then the path will break off, so you have to get a clean way to your dot.

If you ever get stuck at a certain level, you can use a hint to help you out and complete the level.
All of your unlocks are saved after exiting the game, so don't worry about your progress.
At any point in-game you can pause your current game and continue later.
If you're ever unhappy with your performance in the current level, then pause and restart.
The game includes awesome sounds, that matches Jelly Merge.

Do you dare to mentally challenge yourself ? Then Jelly Merge is the perfect game for you !

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Jelly Merge APK Info

  • com.voytech.jelly.merge
  • 1.2
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Casual-puzzle
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