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    Jet Fighter:Galaxy Airforces


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Jet Fighter:Galaxy Airforces
Jet Fighter:Galaxy Airforces
Jet Fighter:Galaxy Airforces
Jet Fighter:Galaxy Airforces
Jet Fighter:Galaxy Airforces

Description of Jet Fighter:Galaxy Airforces

Jet Fighter is a fast-paced top-down perspective free space shooter game. Required skills are more than fast reactions and memorising enemy attack war patterns. The player must also have strategy skills to equip proper upgrades and use the appropriate skills during specific space missions.

Jet Fighter is a classic game, making a fresh but old style game for your Android mobile.

There are two game modes (ordinary mission and boss fight), and the goal of the game is to make your fighter as strong as you can and shoot down these enemies.

Are you tired of driving cars? You feel fire in your guts to conquer the air, to be the hero of the clouds and the blue sky? So don't hesitate, do it, like in the movies - be a Plane Hero! Fire up your expectations for the one of the biggest adventures of all times!

Plane Heroes is an international organization seeking for airplanes, as members. As there are similar organizations for cars, airplanes seems to come from a games or a movies, but in reality they have big-big personality. Now you can be one of them, an official member of the Plane Heroes organization.

Your goal is simple - as an official you must go and fight against all evil, like in the movies. Is there a fire? Go against it! Other planes gone rogue and they are against you? Beat them with your maneuvers, make them feel as cars, not like airplanes!

Even you play it as a game, Plane Heroes is more, than that. It's a huge responsibility to be an official member of the Plane Heroes, to go on missions, to survive movie-like adventures. It a lot more, than drive cars: and not only because of the involvement of the 3rd dimension, but the newly developed gyroscope control.


Jet Fighter:Galaxy Airforces APK Info

  • com.xuzhi.chuanshuo
  • 1.2
  • Android or above
  • Casual-puzzle
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