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    Lovely Princess Cat


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Lovely Princess Cat
Lovely Princess Cat
Lovely Princess Cat
Lovely Princess Cat
Lovely Princess Cat

Description of Lovely Princess Cat

Every cat can be a cute princess , do you know how to take care of them . if you have a yourslef cat . you will very happy, but you do not know how to take care it . You will often goes to the pet shop bath for it. Then help the cat dress up, but you do not satisfied with the the pet shop work in some times. So now teach Nursing it to yourself.
Girls, do you want to have a princess cat ? Come on ,let’s play the girl games “Cute Princess Cat”and practice helping cats take a bath and dress up.

Level Tips:
1: Select a cute cat and play the game.
2:Put the kitten in the tub, and then use the shower, shampoo, bath gel, rags and hair price, give the kitten a bath.
3:Using the comb for kitten hair, using the scissor cutting cat hair, nail clippers to cat grooming, use a cotton swab to clean up cat ear.
4:Dress up beautiful clothes for the cat.


Lovely Princess Cat APK Info

  • air.pet.games.LovelyPrincessCat
  • 1.2.1
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Role-playing
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  • bagus banget kenapa aku bilang bagus karena akubperempuan walaupun gambar nya spidermen

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