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    Military Helicopter Rescue Ops


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Military Helicopter Rescue Ops
Military Helicopter Rescue Ops
Military Helicopter Rescue Ops
Military Helicopter Rescue Ops
Military Helicopter Rescue Ops

Description of Military Helicopter Rescue Ops

Hello Squadron! Lead the dust-off missions to evacuate your troops stuck in enemy territory and save them from death. Play Military Helicopter Rescue Ops, newest 3D game and fly over hilly battle area like Paradise Island.

Take off in apache army helicopter from helipad and go beyond enemy territory to engage in intense combat dustoff action. Blow up enemy tanks, aircrafts, and naval battles by firing missiles. Destroy hideouts and kill soldiers by shooting bullets. As a rescuer in evacuation mission, fly Chinook to send relief for injured soldiers to minimize casualties. Drop rope to lift up patients and transport them to the hospitals for first aid. Experience ultimate flying of helicopter ambulance to take injured on a stretcher in dust off rescue helicopter mission. Play as rescue helicopter pilot fly over the warzone to save your fellows.

Fly army helicopter and demolish f18 fighter jet , tanks and aircrafts in hanger with hellfire bombs in battle arena. Enemies battleship patrolling in ocean and parked on the harbor, make sure to destroy whole fleet. Enjoy flight and landing of a military heli for intense war action and rescuing missions shooting game. Enjoy best fps shooting game while bombing from your fighter heli. You already played 911 rescue games to fly over city and save civilians in emergency situation. This helicopter simulator is about flying adventure in war time. As helicopter pilot use stretcher to transport injured soldiers and shoot down enemies with your gunship helicopter.

Heli Sim Features 2016:

Play 10 extreme levels relief ops with chopper flight
Fire missiles and bullets from Gatling gun mounted on aircraft
Realistic battle field environment over island, ocean and deserted mountains
On-screen controls for swift flying and shooting experience
High quality 3D graphics and warfield sounds

Download Military Helicopter Rescue Ops simulator game to help army soldiers in war and dust off enemy forces in action.


Military Helicopter Rescue Ops APK Info

  • com.dss.helicopter.rescue.mission
  • 1.0.1
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Action
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