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    MultiCraft Classic (OLD)


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MultiCraft Classic (OLD)
MultiCraft Classic (OLD)
MultiCraft Classic (OLD)
MultiCraft Classic (OLD)
MultiCraft Classic (OLD)

Description of MultiCraft Classic (OLD)

MultiCraft 2 - Adventure and Survival. The new version game at the top.
Your possibilities are not restricted. Hmm, maybe only by your imagination.
Built from the block anything you want. Kill anyone you want, destroy any block, extract any resource!
It MultiCraft. This adventure. It's Free!
You are in the world so look like as Earth. On Earth, where are no people, no technology. Just blocks, animals and monsters. Can you survive? Or you will be killed at the first night?
Just a few moments separates you from the world. Are you ready to take the plunge into the future and into a primitive, bloody and brutal world and start an unequal fight with monsters?
3 game modes, and it is interesting:
⇒ Survival [included damage];
⇒ Creative [no damage, creative inventory];
⇒ Construction [no damage, survival inventory].

A lot of mobs, and they are cool:
⇒ Spiders [incredibly powerful and dangerous];
⇒ Zombies [they are coming for you];
⇒ NPC [the locals of both sexes];
⇒ Rabbits [cute animal with a delicious meat];
⇒ Rats and mice [small creatures with strange behavior];
⇒ Hen [eggs are everywhere];
⇒ Sheep [wool which can be painted];
Cool features, and they are free:
⇒ Blue Ore (an analogue of the Red Ore) and mechanisms;
⇒ Beautiful World generator;
⇒ A lot of mobs - peaceful and hostile;
⇒ Stable FPS on all modern devices;
⇒ High optimization and generation of the world game for all popular devices;
⇒ Unique, unique topography;
⇒ Huge variety of food and agriculture;
⇒ The exclusive and convenient operation;
⇒ Very stable version of the game based on the draft Minetest.
⇒ Single player;
⇒ Server and Multiplayer
You can play with your friends: Create your own server (tab Server) or visit one of the many servers Minetest! Running a large number of free servers MultiCraft just around the corner!

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This project is open source, licensed under LGPLv3. The license and the source code can be found at the link below:



MultiCraft Classic (OLD) APK Info

  • com.MultiCraft2
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Arcade
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