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My Chess 3D
My Chess 3D
My Chess 3D
My Chess 3D
My Chess 3D

Description of My Chess 3D

My Chess 3D is a powerful and attractive 3D Chess Game that will enjoy everybody. On-line game is available.

My Chess 3D is totally free as our other games : My Reversi 3D and My Solitaire on Google Play.

My Chess 3D is a challenging high definition 3D Chess Game for free ! You may choose among 3 different engines (Mouse, Squirrel and Dolphin) and 16 levels within each engine, so a total of 48 levels. High Definition Graphics for pieces, boards, backgrounds and full 3D views, cameras have been designed to give you the best Chess experience. Online Multiplayer game is now available.

My Chess 3D it's more than 50.000 games played each day in the World and more than 1.200.000 installs !

So ready to play our Game on Android ? Get My Chess 3D now and challenge our engine or your friends !

The Chess Game interface allows you :

- to choose between Mouse (easy), Squirrel (medium) or Dolphin (hard) engine.
- to select a level from 1 to 16 for each engine
- to choose Player vs Computer or Player vs Player mode
- to play online with worldwide challengers (beta version)
- to choose to be Black or White Player : please RESTART a level
- to undo a move
- to force the Computer to move while thinking
- to select among 25 backgrounds and 5 sets of pieces
- to choose a Jump or Slide move

The interface also allows you :

- to see player timers.
- to see captured pieces.
- to see Board from 8 camera's perspectives.
- Pinch to zoom, pan/scroll, double touch to center.

O-O and O-O-O rock (castling) is supported : move King 1st.
Pawn promotion is supported.

Auto-Save is supported.

My Chess 3D is totally free & fully playable even if no Internet Connection is available (local game).

My Chess 3D is the property of UpMyWay Ltd.


My Chess 3D APK Info

  • com.UpMyWay.MyChess
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Strategy
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