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Description of myPrints

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Find your love match with this new innovative match maker app!

myPrints is a new free love testing app that can help in your quest to find your love match. myPrints boasts a personality test based on your own finger print analysis in order to discover the personality you are most compatible with. This scientific formula can help you learn more about your own personality while searching for new friends or love interests. myPrints features an innovative, user-friendly design with a multi-functioning interface. This application includes a free online matchmaking network and database. Our special formula is designed to provide accurate and true results each time.

Unlike general online dating sites, myPrints provides you with the opportunity to analyze your fingerprints in order to determine your personality. This process is based on ancient fingerprint examination methods that have been used for decades by many cultures for the purpose of identification and compatibility.
Similar apps include Zodiac Love Compatibility Test and the Horoscope application, which provides you with a match based on your zodiac sign. Tarot cards can provide some insight into the larger, more general aspects of life. Tarot readings are often done to either answer specific questions or to gain insight during major life events, such as new relationships, marriage, or starting a family.

myPrints provides you with a more accurate result than horoscopes, which may place a large amount of people in similar but broad categories based on zodiac signs. While those results can be accurate in some ways, it does not always provide an individualized result. The Palmistry app is similar to myPrints in that it utilizes pattern readings to determine compatibility. myPrints, however, can provide you a detailed insight into your personality through the use of our ground-breaking compatibility algorithm. Our compatibility test or love calculator has the most accurate results of any application on the internet.

How It Works:

Just Me - This portion of the application provides the user with the opportunity to examine their own fingerprints according to the provided fingerprint image guide.

Love Test - During the Love Test, you will discover your true match with another person. Your “Just Me” results are compared for compatibility and the extent to which you harmonize to one another.

Match Finder - This is the section for those wishing to find best friends or love matches. This portion of the app takes your results from the “Just Me” section and provides you with like-minded people from the match finder database. Our innovative formula calculates your results and provides your compatibility matches.


myPrints APK Info

  • com.rikkir.myprints
  • 1.7
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Lifestyle
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