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Personal Video Recorder
Personal Video Recorder
Personal Video Recorder

Description of Personal Video Recorder

Welcome to download this video player and use it to play flv, avi, mp4 and rmvb videos;

Welcome to download this music player and use it to play mp3, wma, wav songs;

Welcome to download this video recorder and use it to make your own videos directly.


1. This app will turn your phone into a video recorder.

With it in hand, you can record videos anytime and anywhere.

2. This app will offer you great and streaming video playing experience.

---With this video player in hand, you can capture screenshot while playing videos;

---You also can lock the screen, then all the control buttons on the screen will be hidden and you can tap any part of the screen at will. After that, you can click the Menu button to unlock the screen simply;

---Besides, you can view time and battery status directly on the upper right corner;

3. This app will offer you great music playing experience.

You can use it to listen to your favorite music at will.


Nowadays, we have various ways to relax ourselves for fun.

With this app, you can watch videos, listen to songs and even make videos by yourself for fun with one device simply.

Therefore, this is a great and powerful app for entertainment.

About media player:

Media player is a term typically used to describe computer

software for playing back multimedia files.

Nowadays lots of media players can play both audio and video,

few focus only on one media type or the other.

Such players are known as either audio players or video players

and often have a user interface tailored for the specific media


Personal Video Recorder is just one of the media player for

android phones.

With it in hand, you can play both video files and audio files

with one device simply, besides, you also can make your own

videos with it.

Hope you will like it!

Thanks for your attention!


Personal Video Recorder APK Info

  • com.Personal_Video_Recorder_106263
  • 41001
  • Android 2.0 or above
  • Personalization
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