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Pixi Breakout
Pixi Breakout
Pixi Breakout

Description of Pixi Breakout

Pixi the pixel cat wants to collect all the jewels in the universe! She is most interested in those magically floating in the air or located on a hard to reach platform. Problem is, she can't fly.

Obviously, you'll need to help her with that... with a cannon... It's like Super Mario meets Breakout / Arkanoid in cute land!

- A harder-than-rock kitty who is not afraid of space!
- 3 worlds currently, 18 levels
- 3 difficulty levels
- "Eye-killing" colorful retro pixel graphics
- Really oldschool chiptunes

- Place the kitty in the cannon
- Move the cannon by touching it
- Aim by using the upper side of the screen
- Let go and than watch Pixi fly and collect the jewels
- After landing on platforms you can make Pixi jump by touching her, even double jump!
- Of course you have to catch her before she falls onto the ground!

If you enjoy games that require some patience, thinking and reflexes you may like Pixi as well ^-^


Pixi Breakout APK Info

  • com.pixi
  • 1.0
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Arcade
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