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RNC 2012

Description of RNC 2012

Mobile application for those resisting the 2012 RNC summit in Tampa, FL. The March Hare Solution is a free, public, map-based, crowd-source broadcasting application that enables you to get information about what is happening on the street during the 2012 RNC protests. Based on Ushahidi and other software this app maps real-time, verified information you can use to be part of the action on the street. You control how much and what type of information you receive by adjusting your settings.

There are still a few bugs :(
If app comes up with a green background you may have to toggle some of the filters in the settings window before the maps shows up. The app needs to be started when you have network access. It will retain reports after it has started initially and has a chance to pull down all of the categories and current report list. It will then update the list of reports on a poll frequency configured in the settings window when there is network access. When there is no network access there will likely be no map tiles displayed but you will still be able to view information about the reports in the report window. If you do have network access but the map is not displaying you can force a map redraw by toggling one of the categories in the settings window and returning to the map. You can 'go to' reports on the map by "longclick-ing" them on the reports page.


RNC 2012 APK Info

  • org.marchhare.RNC2012
  • FTP
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Social
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