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Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Robin Hood

Description of Robin Hood

Long ago, in the country of England, there was a cruel, greedy king named Richard. He treated his subjects and punished anyone who opposed him. He also taxed his people as much as he could. Of the people in Richard’s kingdom, there was only one person who dared to challenge the King’s authority. His name was Robin Hood. When the king’s men came to collect taxes from his village, he stood with his sword ready and told the villagers not give the soldiers a thing. When the King was told what had happened he was wild with anger. He declared Robin Hood to be an outlaw and demanded that his soldiers imprison him immediately. The soldiers came to arrest Robin, but he fought them off and escaped to Sherwood Forest.King Richard devised a plan to catch Robin Hood. He announced an archery tournament. It was well known that Robin Hood was a fantastic archer, and King Richard knew that Robin would not be able to resist showing off. Robin bragged that he would participate right under the King’s nose and even win. Robin disguised himself and went to the king’s palace on the day of tournament……Will he be captured by the king’s soldiers or he will manage to escape again?Find it out with Story Time.FEATURES- Original and superb music
- Fantastic sound effects that make the story more exciting
- Simple and easy text for kids of all ages to enjoy the story
- Interactive story-telling with fabulous graphics and animations that make the characters life like.
- Text highlighting and brilliant professional narration
- Impeccable effects and colorful illustration for kids to enjoy
- 16 pages of fun filled effects
- Audio on/off

Robin Hood APK Info

  • in.co.mobile.st.robin.st
  • 1.0
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Books
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