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Run Goal
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Run Goal
Run Goal
Run Goal

Description of Run Goal

Run Goal is a football parkour game. It using domestic original toy “Mask Bear” as main character.

Run Goal describe a story of a group adorable bears with short legs want to watch the World Cup before it starts. As they are asked can’t take any transport, four characters take on their favorite football, across various obstacles, toward to their holyland—World Cup.

The game use “Mask Bear” as game protagonist which is classical and national. There are four characters in the game, they are Sugar, Momo, Bobi and Sali. Sugar is default role, the other three need to use coins or chocolate to purchase.

We adopt cartoon style, focus on the appearance of Mask Bear’s adorable to attract fans eyeball.



Run Goal APK Info

  • com.tjmobilegame.rungoalformobo
  • 1.1
  • Android or above
  • Sports
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  • Wow soccer goal is awesome my name is stevergamers☺

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