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    Scare Photo Prank


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Scare Photo Prank
Scare Photo Prank
Scare Photo Prank
Scare Photo Prank
Scare Photo Prank

Description of Scare Photo Prank

Come rejoice by this application developed by me which fills with fear and creeps under your bone. Use Scare Photo Prank to place a scary photo frame and prank all your friend. Just install this application and fire up and you can now shoot photo with a little extra in it.

Use it to
- Prank your friend
- Add some ghost to your photo
- Add some monster to your photo
- Easy to use camera app
- Capture a prank photo to scare your friend

This has been thoroughly thought through process and only the craziest person on earth ever think of how to perfect a scary camera prank. This scare prank equipped with scare camera prank which support portrait orientation and equipped with first time tutorial.

Now go ahead and scare your friend. And their nightmare is just the beginning after you install this application.


Scare Photo Prank APK Info

  • com.crazyassylum.scarephoto
  • 1.1.1
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Photography
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