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Description of SignalTracker

SignalTracker helps you find free, reliable, and fast WiFi locations, and profile your cellular data coverage. With SignalTracker you get a personal wireless connectivity map.

Key features:

-- Find free open WiFi hotspots at any location

-- Automatically save the location of hotspots, so you can use them when travelling

-- Compares speed of WiFi access points that you frequently use

-- Get a comprehensive map of your mobile wireless connectivity

-- Find out how well your wireless provider covers your home/work area

SignalTracker periodically measures the quality of your wireless connection, and samples your phone's sensors. The collected information is then sent to the central server for analysis and downloaded to your phone for map visualisation. Best of all - you don't have to do anything, just let the application run on your phone, and it will collect data about your connectivity as you go.

Why does the application need all these permissions?

SignalTracker needs to know where you are, so that it can reliably map your WiFi or 3G connection. It needs to measure connection speed and transfer data about the measurement to our server, thus it needs Internet access. To sample in the most efficient way, SignalTracker needs to monitor your phone state and perform a measurement as soon as your connectivity changes, e.g. when you connect to a new WiFi hotspot.

Does the application use my data plan?

In order to see points on the map, you need to have connectivity, either WiFi or 3G. The data that the application collects from your phone, such as your current connectivity quality, is transferred to our server, through WiFi, if possible. If WiFi is not availabe for extended periods of time, the information is sent via 3G. However, the information is compressed and the total amount of data sent through SignalTracker per day is not expected to exceed the size of a single medium-quality Facebook photo upload.

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SignalTracker APK Info

  • org.ubhave.signaltracker
  • 2.0.4
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Tool
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