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    Sky Force - Tactical Bomber 3D


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Sky Force - Tactical Bomber 3D
Sky Force - Tactical Bomber 3D
Sky Force - Tactical Bomber 3D
Sky Force - Tactical Bomber 3D
Sky Force - Tactical Bomber 3D

Description of Sky Force - Tactical Bomber 3D

Sky force - Tactical Bomber 3D is a flight simulation game, the game simulates a combat training for mig bomber fighter pilots. These tactical bomber pilots needs to learn how to drop a bomb before they go on the tour of duty. You join the Eighth Air force of the russian army air forces these bomberman are the most skilled force in the sky when it comes to fly tactical bomber mig fighter planes. In this arcade style flight simulation 3D you learn how to bom different targets in loads of missions. Sky force is one of the newest flight simulator games where you got real targets that you need to attack from the sky. As you fly through the skies you see different targets in you radar that you need to take out before your time runs out.

Complete your training with the minimal amount of bombs dropped and you will get a higher rating for your training staff, The ultimate goal of Sky force - Tactical Bomber 3D is that you clear all the levels with three stars. With 20 missions to fly this arcade styled 3d flight simulator gives you more than enough challenge. Before becoming a real bomberman you need to learn how to control your fighter plane in the sky. If you are looking for a game in which you can fly advanced jet fighter trough the skies, or if you are looking for free fighter jet games that can teach you to fly like the best air force fighter plane pilots. Then pick up your device install sky force - tactical bomber 3D for free. And learn how to fly land and destroy different targets in this arcade styled flight simulator.

As a tactical bomber pilot, your tasks are to drop laser-guided bombs on the enemies targets. So you have to find and fly to these targets first. Once you find the targets you need to try to drop the bom as accurately as you can on the target to destroy it. Keep a close watch on your bomb counter as you have a limited amount of laser guided bombs that you can drop.

Main controls:
Move the Joystick right/left, up/down to control the flight attitude of the Tactical Bomber fighter jet plane. Use the Throttle lever up/down to accelerate/decelerate (brake) the Tactical Bomber fighter plane.
Fine-tune controls:
The throttle lever can also be turned right/left to fine tune the flight attitude of the plane during flying. Touch the plane icon to change any flight attitudes of your plane during flying.
You can read the navigation info on the radar screen to find the correct flight directions.
Change inflight view:
By tapping the cockpit icon you can change view, into the cockpit view. From the cockpit there will be an arrow that indicate the correct directions.
Drop your bombs:
Press the F button to drop the bombs on the enemies ounces the target is locked

Sky force - Tactical Bomber 3D Game objective:
Clear each level, to accomplish this game you have to take out the different targets on the ground, remember to clear the mission you have to do this within a specified time limit. The more time left after completing the mission how bigger the medal reward.

Sky force - Tactical Bomber 3D – game features:
- 20 different airplane missions – landing , taking off, from airfields and carriers.
- New improved airplane physics.
- Change your view to Cockpit view .
- Fly an advanced Tactical Bomber fighter jet plane the mig
- Time challenge you could enjoy the scenery of the sky around you but time is not on your side. Bring your aircraft down before time runs out!
- Watch out for skyscrapers or else its mayday, mayday and that is not good for your flight career.
- Different airports and carriers to land your aircraft and to take off from.
- New aviation missions will follow.
- New airplanes will be added.

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Sky Force - Tactical Bomber 3D APK Info

  • com.vg.TacticalBomber
  • 1.0
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Arcade
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