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Talking Daisy
Talking Daisy
Talking Daisy
Talking Daisy

Description of Talking Daisy

You just need to tap on the Screen and Speak. No Typing required as it works with Voice Recognition and Daisy will also reply you with her voice herself.

#Sample Conversation:

Q: Are you a Computer Program?
A: No No. I am a human. You are a Computer Program
Q: Who is the idiot?
A: She will open your front camera and say- "The man on the camera"
Q: Flip a Coin
A: She will flip a coin and tell you the result
Q: Tell me a joke
A: She will tell you differnt jokes by Speaking.
Q: Goto (any website)
A: The website opens
Q: Scan a QR code
A: The QR Scanner opens and then scans the QR.
Q: Open Play Store
A: The Play Store Opens

#Featured Commands:

-Play a game
-Frighten me
-What is my Location
-How hot i am
-Open Gmail
-Take a Picture
-Record a Video
-What's the time now
-What's the date today
-Scan a QR code
-Change my Pin
-Open Calculator
-Open Wifi
-My battery condition
-My phone info
-Open Bluetooth
-Google Search Command
-Goto Command
-Change my Wallpaper
-Dial a Number
-Flip a Coin
-Roll a dice
-Open Calendar
-and many more...........

** You can also unlock the adult commands if you are 18+ for free.


-Command her with our fully featured command lists and she will react or perform.
-Chat with you with the best user experience and is programmed with superb artificial intelligence.


Chief, Are you having problems? We will love to hear you at or you may visit our Website www.aknistudios.hol.es


Talking Daisy APK Info

  • appinventor.ai_akashsubedi12.TalkingDaisy
  • 1.0
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Simulation
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