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Description of Teabagger

Have fun and laugh by placing testicles into photographs. Also add text into photos and then share them with your friends easily. Share or upload your photos with the original and first Teabagging app. Teabagging can be described as dropping testicles onto something. Imagine the possibilities as you now have the freedom to drop 18 different balls illustrations into a photo of your choice, anytime, anywhere. Share with your friends or save to your phone or post to social media effortlessly. Big balls, small balls, elephant balls, zebra balls, zombie balls, alien balls. Grandpa balls, hairy balls, metal balls, cow balls, dog balls, and Bumpy Pickle Balls. Also add text to your photos and pan/zoom/rotate the balls and text as desired.

Imagine all the balls you want are at your fingertips. Big balls, small balls, hairy balls, cow balls, dog balls, balls balls balls. Now install the Teabagger app and start Teabagging (your brother's drumset) --- no -- Teabagg the world!!!


Teabagger APK Info

  • com.jason.teabagger
  • 1.1
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Photography
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