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Tiny Almighty
Tiny Almighty
Tiny Almighty
Tiny Almighty
Tiny Almighty

Description of Tiny Almighty

"Goddess Covenant" is an innovative multi-person interactive 3D card cross-service on the war brigade. Play on the breakthrough fusion set card, the essence of wisdom card, join the ATB dynamic fighting elements, creative launch of the casualty combat mode. The game to Europe and the United States magic theme, so you in the magnificent huge magic world, together with the goddess to start a fantastic adventure. Beautiful and smooth picture, magnificent scenes, simple European and American style of the UI design, highly personalized actresses, cool skills and the most vividly show to give you a non-general combat experience.
● first no casualties fighting, both connotation and strategy
Still playing your offense against me Play for so many years is not greasy! The "Goddess Covenant" for the first time to break the turn of the border, highlight the active control of the fighting. At the same time the first case of no injury and death settlement mode, the war between the two wars. Want to know how to behave, it is better to look into the game.
● meet the collection control dream, take the perfect goddess of the harem
Who is your honorable knight, who is your goddess of fate? Royal sister, Lolita, cure, belly black, the total attack, weak ... ... 100 kinds of ultra-high value of the goddess of any selection, do remember to serve the goddess Oh, or provoke them angry, it may be trouble
● gorgeous fighting scenes, exquisite action as effect
As the next generation of hand-travel standard, "Goddess Covenant" realistic style cartoon rendering, bringing bright and gorgeous game color, Q Meng delicate 3D modeling, with bone binding, the top visual appearance perfect; cool cool Of the combat effects, fiber cents finished, it is worthy of your strong performance of the mobile phone giant system.
● real-time PK, cross-service battle
Cross service war has become the standard hand tour, but not all cross-service games can bring top pleasure! Real-time PVP qualifying, anytime, anywhere to field simple and bright real fun. Universal hegemony, cross-service king, the winner is king you crazy.
● welfare house
Conscience hand travel, exclusive benefits, so fair sunshine shines on the earth
Login to send the best purple heroes, heroes come to protect your goddess!

Tiny Almighty APK Info

  • com.wondergame.nvshen
  • 1.0.6
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Lifestyle
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