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Tracking System
Tracking System
Tracking System

Description of Tracking System

People use satellite maps for hiking, driving, SCUBA diving, golf ,hang out and other applications where specific locations are needed. Many hand-held GPS units are accurate to within 12 inches or less.
Nowaday Internet opens up new ways of staying in touch, sharing locating where you are,
locating addresses and now, it allows you to view specific addresses from street view map.
satellite maps live network over earth send microwave signals at light speed to communicate positions.
For years, the military has used GPS Navigation to locate people, targets and establish meeting places.
It is relatively simple to access live images of interesting and important places in the world
It enables you to find directions to just about anywhere right from your own car.
It also helps of a cell phone tracking service,You can use it to track your friends and family locating.

+ Get Live Satellite Views on Your Smart Phone.
+ See a Real Time Street View of your House.
+ View Someone's House Via Satellite.
+ See Live Satellite Map Views.
+ save the photo into your memory card and share it on your social media platforms like facebook,instragram,what app etc.

It's easily to use Learn more and enjoy!! Download now it’s free.


Tracking System APK Info

  • com.tracking.systemmigps
  • 1.0
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Social
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