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    Underwears XRay Girl Simulated


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Underwears XRay Girl Simulated
Underwears XRay Girl Simulated
Underwears XRay Girl Simulated
Underwears XRay Girl Simulated
Underwears XRay Girl Simulated

Description of Underwears XRay Girl Simulated

Underwears Xray Girls Scanner for girls and boys gives you the ability to scan the girls body using the camera of your device.in other words, you can detect and see the underwear and lingerie of a woman body or reveal underclothes for men too by passing a camera over the girl's body or the person you want to see his or her underwears.

* You can see what under clothing of a woman, especially the bra of the girls and the bikini too , in order to penetrate the clothing through the scanner technology and technical XRAY radiology ultrasound and X-ray program to detect all kinds of outfils, garments and clothes

the app uses many technologies to enable you to see the woman's body such as ultrasound infrared technology

Using the camera you can see all kinds of clothing and underclothes even if it were thick.
You can see the underwear and underclothes of any person without his knowledge.
The application is very easy to use
So that the camera turns your phone into a device or machine detection of X-rays or scanner revealed in order to discover what are the underwear clothing for both women and men.

How to use Underwears Xray Girls Scanner :

By passing the camera of your phone on any part of the body such as the left hand, right hand, head, brain, eyes, teeth and mouth, chest, rear, pelvis, back, spine, groin, neck, knee, right foot or left foot, abdomen or the stomach, then the camera will launch a scanner and X-ray and ultraviolet to detect bones, skeleton or bone structure

DISCLAIMER: The application Underwears Xray Girls Scanner is a PRANK app to fool your friends, it just a joke and it does not reveal the underwear for women and men, but it is created for fun purposes and goals in order to prank , fool and dupe your friends.


Underwears XRay Girl Simulated APK Info

  • com.underwearsxraygirlsscanner.kachfnasbidounmalabis
  • 1.0
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Lifestyle
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