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    Yellow Battery-Battery Saver


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Yellow Battery-Battery Saver
Yellow Battery-Battery Saver
Yellow Battery-Battery Saver
Yellow Battery-Battery Saver

Description of Yellow Battery-Battery Saver

Yellow Battery is developed especially to optimize battery usage of android devices. It saves power, and extends standby and using time for 50%. Moreover, it also preserves battery life, so users are not forced to replace devices for battery worn out too soon.

One tap Optimization
★Yellow Battery monitors and analyzes the power consumption of devices, giving warnings and suggestions at high power consumption points;
★One tap on screen, no more power draining tasks at the background.
★Saving power, extending battery life, boosting charging speed, protects battery from overheating.

Smart Save Mode
★Optimizing usage of modules like Wifi, Bluetooth, screen, etc;
★No more extra power consumption for unnecessary usage;
★Can be activated manually, constantly, or automatically only at certain power level;
★Can be customized by users.

Battery Status Monitor
Yellow Battery indicates everything about your battery:
★Remnant power;
★Remnant usage;
★Battery health status;
★Battery temperature;
★Battery manufacturing figures;
You name it!

Comprehensive usage analysis
★Yellow Battery tracks and shows power consumption of every single app and task;
★Users are aware of detailed power consumption;
★Indicating remnant time of operating every single function (calling, watching videos, playing games, browsing online, etc) with remnant power.

If you have any comments or recommendations, please contact us on: yellowbatteryyb@gmail.com.

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Yellow Battery-Battery Saver APK Info

  • mobi.yellow.battery
  • Android 2.2 or above
  • Lifestyle
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